When You Let Go

The dance is vivid,

quick dives

on thermal and in draft;

wild wind collects beneath the sail

and claps the fabrics hands.


The twist,

the twirl,

the rise

then choreographed free fall

two hands below

too tender

to let this loved one go


Fingers balance,


keep taught

the line that frees for more

the kite in dance perpetually

embraces air to sore


Tight twine,


then when released,

the dance concludes,

in moments falling down.


The grief cascades

upon the blades

of grass,

a green and sodden land.




Disturbed Waters

The beauty of the river translucent in the sun,

now discoloured by the tragedy of sedimented lives undone.

What seemed calm, serene, just days before,

is now a torrent, an unstable moving floor,

where holy feet might fear to tread

and a doubting heart is filled with dread.


The flowing waters, tormented, a raging oblivion;

churned emotions and memories rise then fall again.

The secrets, best left unstirred, disturb the surface more

lives blurred by waters bringing history to the fore.


The river once in flood, a reminder, a defiance,

that nothing past is ever simply solved by penance

For what is tidy, neatly held, within lives bound by borders

becomes frail, then lost, in the flow of disturbed waters.