Day 39, Luke 19.1-10: The Misunderstood

Zacchaeus is often vilified unfairly with the presumption “He must be a sinner”. What if Zacchaeus was actually a fair man, who did an unpleasant job for an unjust power but did it in a way that protected people from unfairness? What if he was a faithful follower in an impossible place? Would it suggest that Jesus looks beyond the assumptions of the crowds, sees a faithful Jew and challenges them?

How often does you church pray positively for doctors, teachers, nurses . . . and how often do you pray the same way for bankers, defence layers, solicitors? It’s just a thought.



The Misunderstood


Judged in whispered voices

that gather and presume

they know more about me

than they’re really free to assume.


I walk the line of compromise

in court rooms, on trading floors,

trying to practice justice

isn’t easy, but I’m sure


that you’ve never understood,

with your prejudice proclaimed first,

what it means to trade fairly,

help the arrested ease their thirst.


You can pray for all vocations

and leave mine sat outside,

as I practice a hidden benevolence

so readily denied.


As the holy huddles gather

who never walked my line,

I’m another climbing Zacchaeus

who Jesus recognised in time.



Day 37, Luke 18.18-27: Impossible

I regret that today has taken a lot out of me so the poem is rather mundance. Sorry.



I see the impossible as earth is broken

by that which was presumed dead, hidden.


I consume the impossible as bread broken, wine poured;

tasting heaven in her disguised Lord.


I hear the impossible as She breathes her love:

the one who beholds me tells me I’m beautiful.


I am not the impossible

but I know who is,

despite the objections.



Day 34, Luke 17.20-25: The flowering kingdom

A blossoming presence,

yet its subtle tones

could be almost lost

upon the landscape of desires.


It is a passion that flowers;

whose fragrance carries

to enchant those

who seek its meek aroma.


This vivid capacity to attract

does not possess, or luridly lure,

but teases with a playfulness

that respects the difference.


Not a theifdom, but a kingdom

where good shares herself with all;

she overflows, her love endows

the greatness in the small.




Day 33, Luke 17.11-19: Gratitude

If I regret one thing about this process of writing a poem a day, it is that I wish I had more time. Today, when something arrives like these words, I feel there is so much more I would like to write around them, but they need to remain brief, unfinished. 




that effusion of enthusiasm

flowing fountain like from hearts

and lives


looking to articulate

the moments that incarnate




a realised redemption


not in profound

but simple exchanges

of gracious consideration.


Thank you.