The Well Dressers

It’s meticulous.

Gathering up the shades of earth

they cover the dull grey

with a beauty that emerges in slow motion.

Theirs’ are the hands of the Creator,

though not from nothing does this world they make evolve

but from tender attention and patience

that refuses to be frustrated.

Petals settled into clay,

they form a movement in their stillness;

their obedience is astounding,

their applause rapturous.

Sand becomes walls.

Seeds gently detail, define

the end of one and the beginning of another.

Together, the picture unfolds.

And over days and through their hours,

the collected become again

regarded as something

they were never expected to be.

This is the tradition,

the well dressers’ mission:

from earth’s humble offering

to create a sign of thanksgiving.

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