I did not expect to expect

Not sure I will make it to Poetry and a Pint tonight but in a vague hope I penned this little poem about Mary, just in case. Written quite quickly, so apologies; I wonder what she’d make of it?


I did not expect to expect


I did not invite

a sheeted angel to my bed;

as he winked his wings,

I heard whispers in my head


I did not enquire

what his intentions were

he didn’t try to overpower,

nor my sex stir


I did not deny

through subtle remonstration

the gracious divine

in angelic visitation


I did not imagine

this womb, barely reborn

would soon harbour a secret

that would cover me with scorn


I did not renounce

the possibility of birth

instead I joined Elizabeth in

incandescent mirth


I did not expect,

Did not expect to expect;

I did not expect,

Did not expect to expect.